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We do Search Engine Optimization to promote our client web applications to reach the end users. In the modern world, search engines and search engine optimization plays a major role. Our team works hard to bring the site in Google and Yahoo to the top results by analysing effective keywords.

Our SEO Process:

  • Keyword Research, we will research the keywords first also our client can suggest the keywords. Total we will take 5 to 10 keywords.
  • Competitor analysis. Then we will analyse the competitor of the site and compare the rankings of both.
  • We will submit the site in the popular search engines like google, yahoo, msn, guruji etc. upto 15 to 20 search engines.
  • Then we will submit the site in the Search directories like google, yahoo, pandia etc. Upto 25 to 30 free directories we will submit the site.
  • Exchange our site link to other related sites in the same industry
  • Adding SEO related customizations and optimizations in the site contents adding meta tags, page titles, etc
  • Integrate google analytics for checking the no. of views periodically all over the world.

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The KCP Limited

The KCP Limited: Corporate Website Development for The KCP Limited, Manufacturing and Service Based Company.

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