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PHP is a powerful scripting language. We can create dynamic robust web application with this. BigSpire always give more importance to open source softwares. In that PHP is a most admired scripting language. We have developed many web applications and portal developments with PHP. We use MySQL for the database storage. MySQL is faster and reliable database for PHP applications. MySQL is one of the best opensource database and native for PHP.

ASP.NET and MVC 1.0

ASP.NET is a powerful technology to develop web applications and portal developments. We are using ASP.NET for developing web portals, custom web applications and web applications. MSSQL Server is a native database for ASP.NET. We use SQLServer for .NET applications. We can store millions of records in the sql server database.

PHP Frameworks

We use CakePHP framework for php applications. We can build a secure and robust application in cakephp. It has a lot of powerful features like Data caching, MVC architecture, built in validation and more..

MySQL, simple yet another powerful combination with CakePHP. CakePHP uses MySQL as a default database. Itís a open source software.

PHP Smarty

Smarty is a templating engine for PHP. We are using Smarty engine for the php applications to separate the application logic and presentation logic. It has lot of features compared to other templating engines. We can improve the performance of the php portals and web applications by integrating smarty templating engines.

JavaScript Frameworks

JQuery and Mootools are the most powerful javascript frameworks. JQuery has lot of features and we can make a unabstrusive effects using the jQuery frameworks. We can create ajax applications very faster and secure by integrating JQuery frameworks.


Mootools is a compact and object oriented javascript framework. We can create a powerful, flexible and cross browser compatible web applications and portal developments. Its also a open source software.